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How to learn hacking? Best hacking books and software to boost your hacking game.


Are you someone eager to learn about hacking? Sadly reaching out to hacking courses online hasn’t helped you a lot in this.

Luckily, You’re at the right place…

A keen approach here can be choosing the books to elevate your expertise in hacking penetration methodologies. We offer you the best guides on how to learn hacking to secure a sustainable career.

India’s techie aspirants’ are seemingly taking interest in the ethical hacking sector. As the career offers a lavish lifestyle and wealthier remuneration among the other job sectors.

The black-hat hackers’ community raised a stealth repository of 16.9 billion USD amid 2019.

If you’re in the hacking world, then you might’ve heard of Kevin David Mitnick ‘ recalled as the greatest hacker in the world’. Got convicted for 5 years in 1995, the crimes include multiple financial breaches…

However, Organisations now opt to hire experts in ethical hacking to safeguard their credentials and finances to be safe from these vulnerable attacks.

What is hacking?

Hacking is the same piece of technology for everyone, it’s only about the consent on why you’re doing it!

If it’s respective to test a company’s security against hacking attacks that too by the authorized permissions. Then it’s quoted as ethical or white-hat hacking.

If you’re performing these penetration testing methodologies against the consent of the prior organization, then you’re accused of cybercrime violations. Breaching credentials for your consent is black-hat hacking.

How to learn hacking?

Becoming a hacker is not some kind of legendary thing to achieve.

If you got impeccable coding skill-set and want to learn hacking.?

Opting for the guides mentioned further helps you learn hacking and the software further helps you implement penetration methodologies to exceed diversity of knowledge in the hacking world.

Don’t stand struck around the web finding the right ethical hacking course that satisfies your needs.

Expand your skill-set using the below-mentioned books and software to hone your expertise in learning hacking.

Still, searching for books on how to learn hacking? Let’s get started.

Best Books to Learn Hacking

  1. The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws

This book is published and authored by the Portswigger, Organisation that you might be aware of the fortuitous penetration testing tool recalled as Burp Suite.

The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook is the complete guide on how to discover and exploit weak security flaws in web applications. The author derived the vulnerability categorization using real-world scenarios and code-extracts.

Likewise, this book is a practical guide to safe-guard a variety of E-commerce platforms and other web applications.

The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws by [Dafydd Stuttard, Marcus Pinto]

This book has step-by-step penetration testing methodologies on cybersecurity. Users can experiment with these methodologies to find weak-loops inside a web application.

Opting to this book will aid you to safeguard your web platform secured from hackers.

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2. Hacking

If you’re completely fresh in how to learn hacking, how does it work?

Then this book is an ultimate expenditure to your knowledge house.

The book portrays a glimpse of technology in the IoT environment. Focuses on the procedures used by hackers to attack the systems to cause vulnerabilities.

The book is best for college grads and aspirants. It’s detailed knowledge distribution and schematic diagrams before the testing queries help you grasp the concept in a more effective manner.

Written and compiled in lucid language and codes help ease the learner to grasp the concepts eventually.

I highly recommend this book as a beginner’s perspective. The problem is it comes with a limited piece of knowledge that drives newbies in the hacking world.

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3. Hacking exposed Mobile security secrets & solution

“A great overview of the new threats created by mobile devices… The authors have heaps of experience in the topics and bring that to every chapter.” — Slashdot

As the above complies, this book primarily focuses on decreasing mobile vulnerabilities caused by hackers.


An in-depth tautology of the latest cyber mobile attacks and countermeasures is mentioned in this book.

The primary focus of the book is-

  • How to evade the latest iOS and android vulnerability attacks.
  • How cellular networks compromise attack in-air.
  • Defending against the Server-side mobile attacks.
  • How to safeguard your device.
  • Defining safer mobile authentication using OAuth and SAML.

If you’re seemingly opting for mobile security and network interpretation, this book could be the best guide to teach you mobile networking penetration testing.

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4. he Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide to Penetration Testing

Hacker Playbook existed in the race as a long-term security expert guide.

Devastated penetration methodologies sustain the security of mobile web applications.

This is a proper how-to guide on the problems beginners face during their initial era of hacking. If you are someone looking to band your skills in learning to hack this guide is the best to start with.

The book edifies undertaking multiple networks, safeguarding your credentials using hands-on testing.

If you’re someone who wants professional expenditure to your job career as an IT security analyst. We highly recommend Hacker Playbook 2 to test your expertise.

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5. Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing – Second Edition

This book primarily focuses on a plethora of advanced penetration methodologies using Kali Linux. The key aim is to design highly-secured systems that defy any kind of stealth attack to host.

If you’re a techie who wants to expand your expertise in IT Network security, this book is the right choice for you.

However, prior knowledge about penetration and testing would help concisely to make the best out of it.

Kali Linux offers high-end security to computer intra-connected networks to prevent any kind of stealth attacks.

I highly recommend this book to those who have prior knowledge in the hacking sector. You’ll learn how Kali Linux operates to hone your hacking skills.

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Gaining knowledge through these books is useless until you can implement live tests. So to implement the bookish knowledge in real-time testing approaches, we are in a need of compatible software that can handle these queries and are powerful enough to execute them in real-time.

Best Softwares to learn hacking

1. Metasploit.

Metasploit stand-alone is the widely accepted open-source tool to contaminate the risk of attacking vulnerabilities caused by the intruders.

Metasploit framework is a fully accessible and open-source tool and can be downloaded without any cost.

However, adding pro packages within the framework makes it a commercial product and is available to use for 14 days as a free trial.

WIdely accepted software for penetration testing- Metasploit, able users to develop their customized codes to attack against a remote machine.


  • Safeguarding repository from vulnerable attacks
  • Penetration testing
  • IDS signature development
  • Security enhancement tools development

2. John the Ripper

Ripper is amongst the readily implemented password cracker tools among its competition.

One of the tech-savvy security tools to test the password strength in between host and remote systems.

The encryption module enables users to detect encryption patterns before security passwords. Making it an abide password cracking tool in ethical hacking.

Afterward, the tool implements brute force technology to elucidate encrypted passwords. It strengthens your system modules operating remotely.


  • Diverse password cracking
  • Fully Open source
  • Multi-Platforms supported(Windows, Macs, Linux, and Android)

3. Angry IP Scanner

A veritable fast IP port and address scanner.

It can scan IP addresses and their respective ports for any range.

Although, it’s open-source and lightweight to use licensed under GPLv2.

Angry IP Scanner just replicates its detection testers to check if the targeted IP is active. Afterward, retrieves the penetrated system’s hostname, MAC addresses, and other credentials. This list can further be extended using plugins.


  • NetBIOS data Retrieval
  • Eye keeping on targets’ activities.
  • Multiple data extensions to retrieve IP addresses.
  • Java-based platform.

4. Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel can assist you to implement your hacking skills to recover a plethora of password recoveries. It’s a window-based tool that implements techniques like packet sniffing for password recovery.

You can crack password hashes by pushing cryptanalysis attacks on the host server to retrieve its credentials.


  • Sniffs out multiple windows passwords.
  • Easy Wi-Fi cracks
  • To perform Cross- security database checks

5. Ettercap

An open-source framework security extension to manipulate man-in-the-middle attacks over LAN lines.

Developed by Hacking Team, this ethical hacking tool enables you to intercept passwords, conducting eavesdroppings, hindering protocols among a LAN network.

This can help you practice your hacking implementations, even on your home network.


  • Can steal Passwords
  • Act as security cross-check
  • Open-source and lightweight


So, try out opting for the best book on how one can learn hacking.

We have determined here the best software you should follow to enhance your grip to survive in the cybersecurity sector.


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