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Shaping the careers with DataCamp: Best Data Analytics Certification courses 2020

Catering As a Data Analyst became the highest demanded job opportunities in the era of modernization of worldwide businesses. They are the lifeblood of the businesses to thrive in the competition.

In this article, we put a review of one of the best Data Analytics Certification courses to help you strategize your data analytical skills with immense expertise. Analytics is by some means a systematic computational analysis of an organization’s raw statistical data. Organizing a company’s raw figures into apprehensive graph patterns for an easy understanding of overall stats. Often analytics improvised to count on the upgraded marketing and financial strategies to boost business growth. So, if you imagine a career as Data Analytics, you must know about the best available Data Analytics Certification courses.

Data Analytics Certification courses by DataCamp

In this article, we will review the Data Analytics Certification courses by DataCamp in detail. DataCamp renders interactive Data Analytics Certification Courses that are becoming more and more popular among learners worldwide. In addition to your honed skills, they also provide the learner a certification along with the course completion.

Certifications can help you attain credibility in the job market.

Is DataCamp really great?

Let us have a look, some of the reviews of their erstwhile learner from the public domain. Here are some screenshots:

–Subscription Plans

They provide the basic learning course for free to the new users. If you feel like learning under their expert assistance, prior to your requirements, you can select one of the plans below…

  • For Single aspirants

# Standard Plan- 25 USD per month/ yearly billing

# Premium Plan- 33.25 USD per month/ yearly billing

  • For Professional enterprises

# Standard Plan – 25USD per user/per month(Minimum 5 users)/ billed yearly

# Premium Plan- Contact DataCap to know about industries’ enterprise pricing.

DataCamp is a repository of 330+ data analytics courses to help the student the best in their career. A team of 277 keen enthusiastic professional mindsets to train you with the best data analytics certification courses in their interactive learning platform.

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Get started with DataCamps’ Data Analytics courses:

DataCamp is catering to their aspirants worldwide digitally to improvise their skills learning in the interactive environment. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, this is the best opportunity to learn skills that ultimately lands you a promising career in the field of data scientists.

Below here is an ideology about the languages and skills you should acquire to be an expert data analyst. One of the best user interaction platforms is designed for an easy understanding of crunched complexities.

Career Track Guide for Data Analysts

Hand-picked by industry geeks, DataCamp designed the best learning approaches to build a fantastic career to cater as an Expert Data Analyst. Data Analytics can be performed by programming languages like Python, R, and SQL.

As far as industry demands, these three approaches work best to count on to achieve full-business expertise in data analytics.



Here we guide you to these best data analytics courses that cater to your skill-set to become an expert in this field.

  • Data Analyst using Python

We all are aware of Python being widely accepted as the best programming language. You can enroll in this career-building Python data analyst course to help you learn respective skills before data analytics.

Amid this course, you’ll achieve expertise on how to clean, track, manipulate, and data visualization. You’ll get hands-on practice in interacting among the famous Python libraries including pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, and many more.

To out-rage your expertise in data manipulation and data analysis methodologies, you’ll be working over real-world data entities which also includes Twitter’s streaming API.

However, before interacting with these real-world entities you need to be expert in querying data from the host entity and join redundant tables to implement your practices.

Below is a descriptive guide through the content you’ll conceive during the track of becoming an expert data analyst.

This data analytics course using Python comes up with 62 hours of learning content.

These 62 hours are then break-down into subsets of different methodologies.

The overall course consists of 16 lectures measuring an approximate of 4hours each.

  • Introduction to Data Science in Python
  • Intermediate Python
  • Data manipulation using pandas
  • DataFrames merging using pandas
  • Introduction: Data Visualization with Matplotlib
  • Introduction: Data Visualization with Seaborn
  • Introduction: Data Import in Python
  • Intermediate Data Import: Python
  • Data Cleansing: Python
  • Exploratory Data Analytics: Python
  • Analyzation Police Activities: pandas
  • Streamlined Ingestion using pandas
  • Introduction: Relational SQL databases
  • SQL Data Adjoining
  • Introduction: Databases in Python

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  • Data Analyst using R

With a zero-coding platform, this course will help you count on your analytical skills to serve a career as a data analyst.

With R language you’ll experience and research on how to clean, import, manipulate, and visualize data in an aspiring data researcher manner.

A Hands-on experience into legit R packages including dplyr, reader, ggplot2, and tidyverse R data packages.

Manipulating your research skills on real-life datasets like Netflix’s Australian user base.

Enroll in the course now to grow respective R and SQL skill-set, kickstart your career under the guidance of professional experts.

This course consists of 77 hours of learning material all divided into 19 different lectures. This course guide can help you hone the required skills to thrive in the competitive job market.

  • Introduction: R language
  • Intermediate R
  • Tidyverse: Introduction
  • Data Manipulation by dplyr
  • Data Visualization with ggplot2: Introduction
  • Data Manipulation using data.table
  • Joining Data using data.table
  • Import data in R: Introduction
  • Intermediate data import in R
  • Data Cleansing in R
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Case study: Exploratory Data Analysis in R
  • Correlation and Regression in R
  • Categorizing Data in Tidyverse
  • Data Communication using Tidyverse

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  • Data Analyst with SQL Server

This course comprises the curriculum of Microsoft certification exam 70-461:” Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014”.

From learning the basics of database designs, query implementation, and the several SQL data types. This course will take your expertise to the next level.

You’ll learn how to write queries, functions, and other stored functions of SQL.

And also you get to know about the tricks to improve the query performance.

By the end of this course, you’ll be fully prepared to ace the certification exam and ultimately lead a successful career to cater.

The overall course is divided into 11 sections with 45 hours of preparatory content.

  • Introduction to SQL Server
  • SQL Relational Databases
  • Intermediate SQL Server
  • Time-series Analysis: SQL server
  • Data Manipulation functions: SQL server
  • Database Design Strategies
  • Hierarchical and Recursive SQL queries
  • Transactions and Error Handling: SQL Server
  • SQL Stored Procedure and Functions
  • Creating and optimizing Triggers: SQL server
  • Upgrading Query performance: SQL server

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Final Verdict

So as far as taking the best approach to master the field of data analytics, we highly recommend aspirants to enroll in the defined courses for the achievement of your dream job goals.

At the end of the course, DataCamp provides you certifications for your respective courses to out-case your improvised talent and skill set.

It’s become a highly demanded job post among businesses worldwide. Industries like to keep track of their overall credentials that help them drive strategies concerning business growth.

This pandemic is the best time to hone your skills as we’re available with 24*7 online assistance. So if you’re someone looking to build a career that offers wealthier remuneration and a bright career.

Join the team of 6,510,000+ aspirants learning worldwide. Decide that you must be a successful data analyst.


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