Friday, September 10

Store The Best 20 Python and Other Programming Books’ Soft Copy in Your Laptop

Here are the magnificient books:

  1. [Justin_Seitz]_Gray_Hat_Python_Python_Programming(BookFi)
  2. [Alan_Gauld]_Learn_to_Program_Using_Python_A_Tuto(B)
  3. [G._Metakides,_A._Nerode]_Principles_of_Logic_and_(BookFi)bookFi)
  4. [Jody_Scott_Ginther]_Start_Here_Python_Programmin(BookFi)
  5. [Peter_Van_Roy,_Seif_Haridi]_Concepts,_Techniques,(BookFi)

Please fill up the above registration form. You will get an email from us to have the soft copies of the other most important 15 books within 24 hrs.


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