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Top 5 best books for Ethical Hacking: How to choose the most effective guides?

As cybercrime has created an atmosphere of panic around the world, hacking and cybersecurity are emerging as a very important branch of computer science. Best Universities of the world like Harvard University, MIT, Oxford Univeristy  etc. have already developed a variety of course modules under different names and have introduced a variety of courses on a regular basis and online. Faced with an extremely worrying situation, computer science scholars are now facing a major problem. They have not yet been able to develop a systematic education system for this science so that activities like hacking can be stopped. It can be said that the cyber-security curriculum is still only imparting a semi-developed knowledge. In the meantime, of course, some great books have been published – which we have identified as the best books of ethical hacking. What are the best books on ethical hacking? Let’s see what is in it?

Hackers’ community worldwide has a negative impression because of increased identity theft cases. Do you know how much they’ve risen? Click to know! Through hacking, data theft, and other related attacks, hackers have created a real-life digital crisis in the security of individuals, organizations, and countries. Leading cybersecurity research estimates that by 2021, global cybercrime damage could exceed $6 trillion a year. It is being categorically vindicated that, there will be a shortage of experts @ 3.5 million in the field of cybersecurity globally, by 2021. The experts required are practical digital investigative experts, Security Software developers, professionals involved in cybersecurity risk assessment, Cryptographer, Security Consultant, Cyber criminologist, Security Architect, Security Administrator, Cryptanalyst, etc.

An ethical hacker or often termed as a common internet slang “white-hat hacker” comprise a computer cybersecurity expert who specializes in penetration testing. These testing methodologies are performed to ensure the security of an organization’s informational database. If you’re a beginner with highly adaptive in python language and logic building you can hone your flaw detection skills by practicing these best books for ethical hacking.

By reducing the risk of these hacking parameters to create enhanced security systems comes with an excellent career opportunity to cater as a Certified Ethical Hacker.

To achieve immense expertise in the field of cybersecurity, you have to go through a lot of books and more so have to gather huge practice and experience. We recommend you check out at least these 5 best books for ethical hacking.

                    Recommended 5 ethical hacking books:

1. Metasploit: The penetration tester’s guide.

            by,  Jim O’Gorman, Devon Kearns, Mati Aharoni

Metasploit is amongst the best penetration framework tools available in the market. First in the list of best ethical hacking books, Metasploit: The Penetration Testers’ guide.

This book provides immense penetration testing tutorials to guide its users to use and implement the Metasploit Framework Tool.

It’s the best approach for ethical hackers to test the cybersecurity flaws in the organization’s credentials database.

The Metasploit framework allows users to imply their possible exploits that an anonymous hacker can approach to attack over your credentials. It’s necessary to master the Metasploit tool to thrive in the cybersecurity sector.

This book can help you study the logical strategies to hone your skill-set to become a master of ethical hacking.

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2. Hacking: The art of exploitation, 2nd edition.

      by, Jon Erickson

For those who are at a beginner stage in the cybersecurity sector and wanting to out-grow their skill set to approach for their dream designation and also skills is what matters the most.

This book talks about the obstacles of the widely spread job the aspirants faced at the beginning of their career span. Offering you the techniques that help you achieve higher work efficiency in the workplace.

If you’re a knowledgeable aspirant and know how to build logic in C and ASM, then I recommend this book the easiest to start with.

As past my consideration, it’s the second-best book to cater to you the skills you need to learn in exploit development. I believe the aspirants around the globe should consider giving it a chance to cater to its knowledge despite the fact, it’s in ASM and C language.

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3. The Basics of Hacking and Penetration testing

        by Dr.Patrick Engebretson

This book itself fulfills the approach of “putting yourself in readers’ shoes”. It does not consider that their readers have any past knowledge about ethical hacking skills.

It’s a hands-on guide to take your experience from a beginner to an associate-level cybersecurity manager.

It’s written in more of a beginner centric approach. It takes you from zero pen-test experience to an unpredictable side of the hacking world.

This book is highly recommended for the students approaching their studies towards becoming a professional ethical hacker.

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4. Grey Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers

by Justin Seitz

Until the author Justin Seitz came up with his book Grey Hat Python, until then there is no tested real manual on how to use python to drive and run a variety of hacking tasks.

So as it’s becoming popular among software testers, reverse engineers, and the worldwide hacker community it’s easy to write up logic codes in python.

This is a step-up for the white hat hackers to learn and run several hacking tools to run various types of cybersecurity attacks. The organization for the fact of data security needs highly skilled software testers to design and implement techniques like debuggers, trojans, and emulators. This helps in detecting weak flaws from which a possible breach can happen.

You can understand the generic methodologies of the grey hat hacking in this book by Justin Seitz.

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5. The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing,

by Peter Kim

This book written by Peter Kim is a step-to-step tutorial guide for the approached methodologies by hackers to exploit user data. It offers to-notch tips and hands-on tutorials for implementing your data exploits.

This book contains the latest highly approached attacking tools and tricks and tutorials on how to operate them in different scenarios.

This provides customized codes and their resultant effects so that the reader can try and implement these tricks on their own.

I must say this book should be a must for the hackers’ communities overseas.

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Final Verdict

Please don’t be in any misconception about becoming a hacker just by reading and practicing methodologies mentioned in the books.

You need to expert your skills by working readily over your skills and taking up challenging tasks that also boosts your confidence. And a little will and patience to learn benefits you over a long way. This industry demands experience rather than knowledge.

These books can help you provide the relevant information you need. However, Only Continuous hard-work and a will to achieve your passion can help you thrive in the cybersecurity sector.


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    Hello there, thanks for the really beautiful article and I am really happy to have learned something new on the internet today and that makes me really happy. This is the first time I am learning about ethical hacking although my son has been asking for books I rely on needed to see what it is about. I would love to get a couple of them for my son.

  • Juma John Jongu

    Awesome buddy, interesting indeed. Your article is very informative and unique one. This information for sure will provide  useful tip to any reader. I already have Metasploit and I have read reviews of it few months before I purchased it. Thank you very much for sharing this with us here again.



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    Hello there! this review is an amazing and unique one. I am sure the informations you provide here will be beneficial to any reader who come across it. I think I will go for the Metasploit as I have read reviews of it few months back. Thank you very much for sharing this with me.

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    Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…I have a few of the books but my favorite is the Metasploit: The penetration tester’s guide. Is really a packed book I have read twice and I learnt a lot.

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